I am totally focused on
my client's needs, and I
work to realize their
dreams as if they were
my own.
Bruce Mosk,
Rodeo  Realty
Bruce Mosk
Encino Townhouses & Encino Condominiums are my Specialty.
To obtain current information about  Encino Townhouses and Encino  
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If you are a SELLER of an  Encino Townhouse or
Encino Condominium, Bruce Mosk is dedicated to
creating the highest value possible for you.
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Encino, CA.
Encino, CA
Encino, CA
"Unmatched Experience..."
Bruce Mosk Has Sold Over
Condominiums/Townhouses in 30 Years
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Encino, CA
Bruce Mosk Loves Encino Townhouses!
If you are a BUYER for an Encino Townhouse or
Encino Condominium. Bruce Mosk can show you
creative financing techniques that may save you
thousands of dollars over the life of your loan.
If you are a BUYER for an Encino Townhouse or
Encino Condominium, call Bruce to discuss his
Encino Townhouse and Encino Condominium
FORECLOSURE LIST and his Encino Townhouse and
Encinos Condominium Probate and Distressed
Properties opportunities.
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